Yoga course in mountains

Outdoor Yoga

I arrange yoga and mindfulnesscourses both in the mountains and indoors. Yin yoga not only provides strength and flexibility, it also helps us focus and concentrate when we need to. As we perform yoga we learn to use and manage the three constituents of yoga, which are: posture, breathing and relaxation.

We not only perform classic yoga on a mat, but we can include yogic philosophy while we are out in the mountains. We will use simple methods to teach you how to activate all your senses and increase your conscious presence.

Where the yoga class is held depends on the choice of accommodation for your stay. If the weather permits, we will be outdoors during the snow-free months, otherwise we are inside. If you are staying in Ljungdalsbyn we will hold the yoga classes close to your accommodation. Contact me if you have a request for a location for your yoga course.